Alicia Beck owner/trainer
I'm Alicia Beck and I'm a personal trainer. I'm so excited  to say those words. For me, fitness is more than daily exercise. It's a way to engage and create potential. A way to build strengths while inspiring you to move your life forward. And a way for all of us to share a common experience that translates into our daily lives.
I was about 6 years old when I first realized the joy of moving my body. My parents had just purchased a new pair of tennis shoes. Green shoes with a 7-up symbol. I raced up and down the sidewalk exclaiming my speed. I thought the shoes made me fast. It would be a few more years before I realized that the joy I felt came straight from my pumping legs and arms. It had nothing to do with those beautiful shoes. My relationship with fitness has evolved over the years. Beginning with competitive track & field that brought me All State and All Conference titles in high school and college, running was my first love. I've run everything from the 400m hurdles to a marathon. But as I reach into my middle years of life, I've realized the importance of strength and mobility. And today, my own fitness life revolves around maintaining and expanding my capacity to age well. 
Fitness should be about making our lives better. Sure our body is a temple. But it is also our home. We live here 24/7. So let's make it the best we can. Be Healthy. Be Strong. Be Fit.
Specializing in functional fitness.